Customers that choose Devimco Immobilier are definitely people who like the active, urban and “trendy” way of life.

Imagine living in a condo from Devimco Habitation and spending every day in a comfortable environment where everything is close: walking to work, entertainment, restaurants, relaxation and fitness activities.

Our residents have easy access to all kinds of services without having to compromise on comfort. They can enjoy what nearby businesses have to offer; imagine having a supermarket, a pharmacy, banking institutions, SAQ, retail stores and a wide choice of restaurants all available just a few steps away.

Many of our condos distinguish themselves with large windows offering amazing views of downtown Montreal and in some cases, 33,000 square feet of garden on top of the commercial gallery. Residents can have access to a spa, a fitness centre, an urban chalet or a BBQ terrace.

Devimco Habitation earned its reputation for excellence in residential development by always providing enjoyment and comfort to its customers, all in the same living environment.


Designing an innovative micro-condo

The Genius Condo, designed on a 360 square foot surface, is a unique concept in Montreal specially developed to optimize living space in the most efficient manner.

The secret of these condos: custom made elements that can be transformed, like extendable tables or counters, a surprising fold-away bed and ingenious storage spaces. The designers of this Condo Genius had a very clear objective in mind when they worked on the project: they wanted to optimize the owner’s living space.

The fact that most elements can be transformed easily makes this condo just as comfortable as more conventional condos. Devimco Immobilier brought together the best interior and industrial designers to combine their talents in order to develop a product that meets the needs of this very specific clientele.

Please note that Devimco Immobilier has all the required permits to build residential projects. RBQ Licenses – Régie du Bâtiment du Québec.