Environmental commitment

Groupe Devimco advocates responsible real estate development, for an optimal experience and a minimal ecological footprint.

Eco-responsible development

Each Groupe Devimco project adopts a philosophy that is easier, richer, more pleasant and in harmony with the surrounding nature and its ecosystems. Creativity, innovation and boldness evoke a desire to create living spaces designed for future generations.

An ecological approach

At Groupe Devimco, we believe in an ideology that promotes environmental commitment. Thus, we work towards a sustainable future by minimizing the ecological footprint of our projects. Our real estate projects include LEED certified buildings as well as avant-garde green technologies such as green roofs, charging stations for electric vehicles, LED lighting and rainwater harvesting. Our approach ensures maximum energy efficiency.

Prioritizing green spaces

Groupe Devimco promotes the integration of green spaces. Thus, our development projects have created or reflourished parks for residents, workers and visitors.

Promoting sustainable transportation

At Groupe Devimco, we focus on means of transportation that are green and have low impact on the environment by integrating cycling and pedestrian paths at the heart of our projects. In addition, we choose locations that offer direct access to public transit – metro network, bus lines and the REM.