About Groupe Devimco

A leader in real estate development in Quebec, Groupe Devimco has established itself as an innovative company for 30 years.

Groupe Devimco works at all pivotal stages of development and management thanks to three autonomous divisions at the heart of its real estate development:

All of Groupe Devimco’s projects go first and foremost through the acquisition and development phase, supported by Devimco Immobilier. This division designs and implements residential, commercial, business and recreational real estate projects. It is also responsible for the marketing, sales and customer service of condos, as well as residential, commercial and office rentals.

Édyfic Construction

Groupe Devimco relies on its own construction division, dedicated exclusively to the management and execution of projects, ensuring that the standards of quality and excellence for which the group is known, are met. This division brings together the teams responsible for estimation, preconstruction, health and safety on construction sites, site management as well as quality assurance.

This division brings together the teams responsible for the management of our rental buildings, both in the commercial and office areas, as well as in the residential rental sector. Thus, at Devimco, projects are fully supported over the long term. Over the years, the Devimco Gestion Immobilière division has ensured that each building is well maintained and animated, in order to ensure the well-being of tenants by promoting harmonious living environments.

Creator of integrated and innovative living environments

Developing large-scale projects that shape the landscape across the province, Groupe Devimco designs and creates unique living environments with mixed-use projects.

Combining innovation and creativity, Groupe Devimco contributes to the notoriety and success of each project, for the benefit of its occupants and visitors.

A real estate leader in Quebec

The distinctive character of Groupe Devimco is to work at all levels of urban development. Thus, the company oversees design, construction, sales, and rentals. Devimco also manages its own real estate projects.

Renowned for its expertise in residential and commercial development, Groupe Devimco’s projects are destinations where people come together to live, work and play.

Successful achievements

Groupe Devimco is recognized as the initiator of iconic real estate developments in Quebec, such as District Griffin and Quartier DIX30. These hubs, where thousands of residents, workers and visitors converge every day, have forged the excellent reputation of the company.

An innovative vision of real estate

Groupe Devimco group is a pioneer in the development and implementation of integrated projects. Its mission is to offer real added value by revitalizing neighbourhoods, creating living environments and exceptional destinations where people converge to live, work and play.

Together, let’s build the destinations of tomorrow!

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