Why choose Devimco Immobilier?

Why Devimco Immobilier?

Innovation and creativity inspire Devimco Immobilier to develop refined and innovative mixed-use projects and “lifestyle” type commercial centres. Quartier DIX30 is the best example of this. Businesses and places of entertainment coexist with homes in order to create dynamic and cosmopolitan living environments.


Innovation: Research and Development at the Heart of all Activities

It is clear that Devimco Immobilier is a leader in large scale real estate developments but before anything else, Devimco Immobilier is proud to be the creator of unique living environments.


Innovation must be the focus of every project: mixed-usage, building materials, strategic location of businesses… everything!

Project development is done in cooperation with local communities because they are the ones that enrich the projects with their heritage and their culture.


Promoting an Open, Flexible and Cooperative Management Style

Thanks to a new generation of leaders, Devimco Immobilier has been able to implement a modern management style that’s a definite advantage over the competition. This translates into a superior capacity to adapt to change, and exceptional skills in developing complex real estate projects.

This new management style recognizes individuals and their ability to work together instead of following a strict working process.

Collaboration with customers and partners is also key with this management style; working together in good faith facilitates the contract negotiation process.


Quartier DIX30, District Griffin and the Carrefour Champêtre are just a few of the company’s accomplishments that have helped to redefine commercial development in Quebec. Over the last 15 years, the total value of the projects realized by Devimco Immobilier in the province is over $600 million.


Devimco is undeniably the leader in Quebec when it comes to the creation and development of large scale, mixed-use building complexes.