Customer service, commercial and office division

Groupe Devimco has its own customer service division to better serve its commercial and office space tenants.

The management team appointed to this division is comprised of qualified managers with significant experience in the administration of commercial buildings.

Always here for you before, during and after your move-in

From the moment you sign your lease, you’ll be assisted by a manager who will answer your questions and guide you through the construction of your space. In this way, Devimco Immobilier creates a direct connection with each tenant before they even move in to ensure that the premises meet their requirements and needs.

Once you have moved in, the Commercial and Office Management division will carry out maintenance operations to ensure a quality experience.

Preventive maintenance of heating and air-conditioning units as well as housekeeping of office spaces, including cleaning of the leased premises and exterior windows, among others, are taken care of. You can get a quote for additional services not included in the operating costs.

Commercial space maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of the lessee, except for preventive maintenance of air conditioning and heating units, which is the responsibility of the lessor.

24/7 emergency service
You can rest assured that our Commercial and Office customer service department is working to ensure your peace of mind at all times.

Groupe Devimco works toward your success

To ensure your success, our customer service team has developed expertise in the organization of commercial events.

These events promote businesses established within our complexes, to create traffic on our sites and attract a select clientele.

Do you have any questions about our management, commercial or office rental departments?

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