How to set up your office in your apartment like a pro!

With the recent events in the world, many companies in various fields and industries have implemented measures to promote working at home. Many employees are now practicing their profession at a distance in order to comply with the social distancing recommendations issued by the government. In this article, we will offer you 5 ways to set up your home office by making it efficient and attractive. Let's go!

First of all, comfort!

It is essential to ensure that your workstation is ergonomic. To avoid backache and other pains, adjust your work chair so that your feet touch the floor and the angle between your arm and forearm is straight. In the long run, your body will be delighted that you have taken the time to optimize your workstation. Also, remember to change positions, take frequent breaks and even, if possible, work standing up from time to time! 

And there was light!

Be sure to set up your office in a bright corner of the apartment. Our Lumeo Apartments project, located in the heart of Solar Uniquartier in Brossard, offers vast new common areas with large windows that let the sun's rays penetrate inside. Natural light has many benefits for the body and mind, including the stimulation of good intellectual performance. In the 248 studio, 3 ½, 4 ½, 5 ½ and penthouse apartments offered at Lumeo, you can be sure that you and your family have the best view and the best benefits such as being able to organize your workspace as you want in a quiet environment!

Say no to distractions

In order to be able to focus on your work, you need to minimize distractions and maintain an atmosphere of tranquility in your living space. The 206 new and modern apartments in St Ann offer just that, a lifestyle focused on peace of mind and tranquility. Located near the Lachine Canal, the project proposes apartments with DEN corners as well as a coworking space adjacent to the building. Perfectly adapted to teleworkers, this space will give you ideas for a quiet, motivating and attractive office! 

Take care of yourself first!

To perform at work, you need to be in good mental and physical health. It is therefore not recommended to work hard, sitting in your chair for hours on end.  It' s better to take a break from work occasionally. Luckily, when you work from home, you have more flexibility on this level (during the Zoom call with your team, no one will know that you've just sweated!). All Devimco projects include complete gyms to allow you to do sports at the time you want. The Alexander project in particular, with its superb common areas dedicated to training, is perfect for sports teleworkers. 

The recipe is not complicated. Comfort, brightness, tranquillity and health are the watchwords when it comes to setting up an office in your apartment. We know that in these times of adjustment, you're looking for simplicity and don't want to take your mind off it. Fortunately, with Devimco, you don't have to worry about conveniences. In Hexagone Apartments, the surface areas of our apartments allow absolute comfort for teleworking. All our real estate projects are completely adapted to your needs. Contact us to start the next step in your life!