A vision for the future: a legacy for the city

MaryRobert Condominiums is the gateway to the Griffintown neighbourhood, on the outskirts of the Bonaventure project and at the southern end of Peel Street. Erected in a prominent location, the twin towers are similar, yet distinct, each housing approximately 250 studio units, 1 to 3-bedroom condos and penthouses. Anchored in history, while resolutely turning toward the future, these two towers play on duality, highlighting an exceptionally streamlined silhouette and the roughness of raw materials. Their promise? A housing project aimed at ardent fans of the city. While the towers converse with the city, the commercial space converses with the neighbourhood, with Griffintown. Located on the ground floor of the project is a 23,460-square-foot commercial area designed to enhance the quality of life and urban vibrancy of the neighbourhood.


Bold and provocative architecture

Acting as a beacon marking the entrance to the city, the two MaryRobert project towers converse without direct interaction as they stand side-by-side. Their architecture attests to the dynamism of the area, where many major arteries converge. Set above the commercial space as if on a pedestal, they redefine the area with a welcoming raised inner courtyard. Housing units coexist with collective spaces in a true hanging garden, just like Mount Royal. The structure will highlight the duality of the two towers, drawing on both dialogue and opposition.

Offering a contrast of light-dark nuances, the organic and the mineral will meet in harmonious interplay.

780 Wellington Street, Suite 101
Montreal, H3C 1T7