Devimco Immobilier’s distinctive character is reflected in the way the company has been able to differentiate itself in residential development (Devimco Habitation) as much as it did in the commercial development (Devimco Immobilier) by offering customers a unique experience.

By carefully choosing street furniture that’s original and appealing, and highlighting it with art pieces and a touch of colourful entertainment, residents are inspired to take their time and enjoy life.

Each project at Devimco Immobilier is unique and gives the impression of time standing still. Occupants have a feeling of coming into their own, as opposed to today’s fast-paced living. Devimco Immobilier understands that your way of life should incorporate down time and pleasurable moments.

At the same time, in terms of attractiveness, the creativity that exudes from Devimco Immobilier’s projects contributes to their positive image.

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