Responsabilities and activities
  • Control the comings and goings at building’s entrance
  • Welcome tenants and visitors and see if they need help with anything (call a taxi, open the door, deal with courier shipments, carry their bags, guide people looking for the elevator, etc.)
  • Help in keeping the building clean and orderly (pick-up the garbage, shovel the snow, keep the front entrance clean, etc.)
  • Help tenants moving in or out of the building and take care of the elevator reservations
  • Answer emergency calls and service calls and deal with complaints
  • Carry out visits and surveillance rounds on a regular basis, inside and outside of the building and in the garage
  • Be familiar with security measures prescribed for the facility and apply them in case of an incident
  • Find out about important events which happened during the last shift and write a report about what happened during the current shift
  • Inform tenants about nearby services, tourist attractions, etc.
  • Support the property managers by doing other tasks if necessary

Required qualifications
  • Awareness of the fact that image is important for the building and its residents
  • Good personal appearance and dressing
  • Desire to offer an outstanding level of customer service
  • Ability to develop good relationships with tenants, managers and the company’s other departments
  • Desire to be effective at work
  • Positive attitude, cheerful, discreet, patient and calm
  • Vigilant, on-time, honest and responsible
  • Capacity of managing stress
  • Professional and safe work habits
  • Bilingualism

Interested candidates are invited to send their résumé to the following email: