Published on May 11, 2020

How to find an apartment or condo in Montreal in 2020?

How to find an apartment or condo in Montreal in 2020?

Following the COVID-19 crisis, the Quebec real estate market experienced a significant drop in the transaction volume. The coronavirus crisis could also lead to other changes in real estate. As the situation evolves, rest assured that developers and individuals renting apartments are still active and available to you. In Montreal, it is still possible to visit an apartment by practicing social distancing, including virtual tours. Despite the slowdown in residential sales in Montreal, experts predict a rebound in the real estate market in the coming months.  

If you are planning to find an apartment or condo in Montreal in 2020, now is the time to do your research. And why not start online? There are many apartment search websites:, Padmapper, Appartmap, Kangalou, etc... The most useful of these tools is probably Kijiji, because the site is full of ads that are constantly being updated daily.You can also check out Facebook groups dedicated to accommodation offers in the region of your choice. 

Remember that your lifestyle will define your future neighborhood. Residential neighbourhoods like Villeray and Rosemont are perfect for small families looking to settle in the metropolis. In Mile-End, you'll find not only several rental spaces to live in, but also several coworking spaces. For those looking for larger spaces, Westmount and Outremont are filled with beautiful properties for sale or rent. Griffintown, an emerging neighbourhood with several new luxury real estate projects, is only minutes from downtown. For those who want to be in the heart of the action, downtown Montreal, with its music and arts festivals and summer events attracting thousands of people, is the place for you.

To help you through the rental process, you can make an appointment with a rental agent or sales representative to get a good idea of the location. Before signing the lease, landlords may ask for identification, proof of employment or proof of salary. It is also possible that the future tenant may have to provide the first month(s) of rent in advance. Following the covid-19 crisis, Devimco Immobilier has developed several tools to help you find an apartment or condo, even remotely! For example, we offer videos showing you model units, which will give you an idea of its size and help you in your search. Simply contact us and we will send you various visual materials to give you a better idea of the project. In addition, you should know that the visit is entirely virtual, from the meeting with the agent to the signing of the contract or lease.

Devimco Immobilier has several residential projects in the metropolis. Among these, we can mention Maestria, two magnificent towers in the heart of downtown that reveal unrivalled panoramas of the downtown area and the St. Lawrence River. Not far away are the Auguste & Louis Condominiums, a brand new complex of more than 2000 units with breathtaking architecture. The EstWest project, located at the corner of René-Lévesque Boulevard West and Atwater Avenue, integrates gardens, commercial space and a common cultural and social space. Adjacent to EstWest, you will find Alexander, a new and modern 25-storey rental project with 257 studio, 3½, 4½, 5½ and penthouse units. On the Griffintown side, the Hexagone apartments offer contemporary living spaces for studio type rentals and the St Ann project offers intergenerational communicating units as well as DEN corners and coworking spaces adapted to the current situation. Finally, you should know that our St Ann Apartments rental project offers several options to help you work from home. In particular, DEN corners, which means office space to work directly from your apartment, and a coworking space, located on the second floor of the heritage building and exclusive to the residents of St Ann Apartments.

So, as we have seen, it is possible to find an apartment or condo in Montreal despite the pandemic, and we are here to help you! Devimco Immobilier sales representatives and leasing agents remain available for you in this time of crisis to guide you in your choices and give you as much information as possible. Click here to contact our leasing office today.