How to arrange a small apartment

Living in Montreal is the satisfaction of being close to everything you need! In the city, you'll find all types of apartments, but here are a few tips on how to de-clutter and optimize a small apartment to make it your little paradise. The lack of space can be felt in an apartment, to improve your living comfort, the layout plays a major role in your apartment. Here are our tips to rearrange your small apartment.

Maximize your small kitchen space

In the kitchen, it's easy to overload countertops and drawers. Have you ever thought of optimizing your small space with a wall storage unit where you can store your spices, utensils and dishes. That way, you'll free up your work surface!

Once the counters are cleared, remember to sort your utensils before moving into your new home! You will only have to move the essentials with you. Don't hesitate to get drawer organizers; this little trick will help you keep things organized!

Storage in a kitchen Storage in a kitchen

The kitchen is the perfect place to gather, but the dining room should not be ignored. The choice of your table is essential because of the shape and space it will occupy. A round table is much more convivial, facilitates communication between each person and is perfect in a modern decor to soften all the rectilinear shapes found there. The rectangular shape remains the most classic of all tables, being a practical shape for its different lengths, it allows infinite possibilities due to the extensible panels that can be added to it. A square table is the hybrid between the round and the rectangular, it is just as user-friendly and can be extended on occasion! So which one will you choose?

Optimize your small apartment living room

The living room can sometimes be a small restricted space in some apartments, so you should focus on the essentials and leave things that could restrict the living room.  Opt for a c-table style side table instead of a coffee table, this way you will have a better circulation in the living room and will not prevent you from receiving all the guests you want! If you still want to put a coffee table, but the space available in the living room is limited because of the various objects, opt for a coffee table with storage. This is an alternative that doesn't require you to have a bookcase to store your books and gives you a space to eat in the living room if you are the type of person who doesn't want to use the dining room! 

There are a multitude of ideas that can be exploited to optimize the storage of a small living room, don't neglect the hiding places that you could have in your sofa. To store blankets, books and cousins, this is an excellent alternative that can be used to save you from cluttering up the space with furniture that takes up space and helps you make the most of your small space!

Side Table - C Table

Optimize your small bedroom 

Not all apartments offer you large bedrooms, to avoid this lack you need to use some skills to improve the storage and space. Whether vertical, under the bed, shelves or a large wardrobe there is never too much storage in a room. The main trick: avoid leaving things on the floor, leave the floor free for a smooth circulation! 

If you have a studio-style apartment or 3 ½, a pull-out bed would be the best buy for your home. Wall beds offer a solution for limited space while integrating options that work with your lifestyle. In addition, there are some bed bases that allow you to store items with drawers under the bed and storage boxes on the side of the headboard. This will prevent you from adding unnecessary items to your bedroom and make the space more efficient! 

The essential furniture in a small space

In conclusion, all furniture allows you to optimize your small spaces, just look on websites such as pinterest for inspiration, structube for quality furniture on a small budget and urban barn for furniture with a rustic touch! Whether you want to move to an apartment in the greater Montreal area or on the South Shore, never neglect the rooms in your apartment, because the smallest places can hide the biggest memories.