Published on September 19, 2022

4 decorating tips for small spaces

Nobel Apartments

Living near major urban centres often means having to make choices. By choosing the Nobel Apartments rental project in Brossard, you’ll enjoy the best that the South Shore has to offer in proximity to downtown Montreal. A smart choice with no compromise! This signature address, located at the gateway of Solar Uniquartier and connected to the REM via an interior walkway, offers modern, luminous rental units! Here are some tips to help you maximize smaller rooms with a decor that reflects your personality.

1. Create the illusion of height and depth

Make your walls look higher with long, black-and-white photographs and lithographs. By playing with the size of works of art, you can create the impression of movement. For an illusion of height, choose ladders and shelves that go all the way to the ceiling. This will also give you room to place a maximum of small items all while punctuating the decor.

Because of the reflection, mirrors give the illusion of depth and continuity and optimize the space’s various forms. Don’t hesitate to hang them on the wall or place them on furniture, or even on the floor. Furthermore, they add a touch of glamour that works well with any decor.

2. Use a light, monochrome palette

Opt for a single colour for your walls to avoid tiring the eyes, and for the curtains, choose a similar colour that goes with the walls. By reducing visible differences in a room’s design, you will give it continuous lines that are more harmonious and elongated.

Keep in mind that light hues reflect the light and thus create the illusion of a bigger space. Take the time to choose a colour that fits your tastes; after all, it is an expression of your feelings and who you are. Also, this choice directly impacts a room’s atmosphere. Calming and soothing, monochrome colour combinations provide the perfect background for the use of various textures and materials. And that is exactly what we have done with the sumptuous lobby and common areas at Nobel Apartments!

3. Choose convertible furniture

In small spaces, each centimetre counts. That’s why well-thought-out arrangements with convertible furniture are the perfect solution. Convenient and ingenious, this type of furniture allows you to maximize your space in the blink of an eye.

Let’s take multifunctional Murphy beds, for example. No need to sacrifice your decor for convenience! Space-efficient, functional and stylish, Murphy beds easily open and close, and transform into a sofa to create a comfortable living area where you can read or just lounge at any time of the day!

4. Give your divisions room to breathe

Your apartment has limited space, but you want your bedroom, kitchen, office and dining room to coexist in a convenient yet visually pleasing manner? The solution is to divide your various spaces without closing them completely.

Opt for an open back bookcase, a colouful, rectangle-shaped decorative object on the wall or floor, a stylish room divider, beautiful curtain panels that let the light through or a hanging garden.

You don’t need to have a big apartment to feel at home, just a few decor ideas will do the trick and turn a studio into a cozy living space.

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